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Welcome to Introduction to BL101 Business Law. This unit will introduce you to the fundamentals of business law (commercial law)  in order for you to understand how business is conducted in the marketplace and supported by this important area of Law.

In order to succeed in this unit, you should always come to class prepared.  More importantly for this type of unit you must purchase the prescribed (compulsory) textbook as stated in the Unit Outline and purchase link provided.    Research as shown that students who have purchased their own prescribed textbooks tend to do better in their classes and overall grades.  A recent study by Inside Higher Education, found that half of students who avoided or delayed buying books earned lower grades.  Benefits of buying the prescribed textbooks, is that you can read it in own time, highlight and write notes in the margins to help you study and you can take it into the exam which is open book.

This unit presents fundamental topics in discrete mathematics that are essential to computing studies
including logic, Boolean algebra and logic circuits, set theory, counting techniques, computer
arithmetic, graph theory and matrix algebra with applications to computing. It also provides an
introduction to the representation of numbers in a computer, and assembly language programming
for a microprocessor.
The unit will be delivered online over 12 teaching weeks with an additional week for the examination.
This is a 20 CP unit. Mode of Teaching for this unit will be face to face as well as online using BBB software. There will be total of 3 hours online/F2F class per week that includes two hours lecture and one hour workshop.
 Each session (online/F2F) will be conducted every Tuesday of the week and the first class will commence on Tuesday, 2 January 2023 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM as per Australian Western Standard Time (AWST).